PharmaSoft Information Security, in order to protect the reputation, reliability and information assets of the organization and to ensure that basic and supporting business activities continue with the least possible interruption,

  • To protect the information assets that the organization processes, maintains and shares with other organizations in accordance with the principles of confidentiality, integrity and accessibility,
  • To manage information assets, to determine the security values, needs and risks of assets, to develop the management system established to implement controls for security risks and to ensure continuous improvement,
  • To identify continuous improvement needs and opportunities by evaluating the risks arising from the activities in accordance with the vision and mission of the organization,
  • Keeping up with technological developments and changes in the context of the scope of service provided,
  • Ensuring business continuity by reducing the impact of information security risks,
  • To comply with national and international regulations, legal and relevant legislation requirements, obligations arising from agreements, and corporate responsibilities towards internal and external stakeholders,
  • To have the competence to quickly intervene in information security incidents that may occur and to minimize the impact of the incident,
  • To maintain and improve the level of information security over time with a cost-effective control infrastructure,
  • To improve the reputation of the organization and protect it from potential impacts based on information security,
  • Maintaining personal information within the scope of the Law on the Protection of Personal Data,
  • To carry out trainings to improve the information security awareness and competencies of employees, to provide the necessary support and to be an exemplary organization in the sector in integration with other management systems.

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