Why you should use
PharmaBASE Pharmacovigilance Database

Easy management and friendly monitoring on one platform
Electronic archive compatible with Personal Data Protection Law (KVKK)
Alert mechanism embedded validated system
Data recall and duplication control
Effective data migration
24/7 uninterrupted access


We offer a transparent business model that enables you to observe 24/7 all responsibilities completed on behalf of you.

Easy management &
friendly monitoring

on one platform

With PharmaBASE pharmacovigilance database, all pharmacovigilance responsibilities are managed through dynamic , flexible and integrated 14 modules which were developed within the framework of the regulation and GVP guidelines.

As the pharmacovigilance department, this management and monitoring process is carried out by us on behalf of the Client.

Our clients that fulfil their PV responsibilities internally can easily perform monitoring and management on one platform with

data migration

All of your pharmacovigilance data of previous periods are transferred to PharmaBASE in system compatible formats. At the end of the migration process during which data integrity is protected, all data history can be inquired, recalled, and used while generating report in the next period via PharmaBASE.

electronic archive

PharmaBASE is a secure electronic archive with the GDPR compliant recording feature, where effective data recall is possible, and where the system does not allow duplications with automatic duplication control, where the change history of your pharmacovigilance system is recorded through Electronic Record Book.

Technical Infrastructure

Our online database, developed with the most up-to-date technologies, does not allow security vulnerabilities with regular monitoring of system updates.

It enables report generation within the scope of zero error policy by guaranteeing data consistency with its effective user interface and integrated modules.

Thanks to cloud technology, access can be made from any point.

Since processes are managed on one platform, it ensures data integrity, it guarantees business continuity with its backups taken physically in different locations.
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