Contracted Pharmacovigilance
Services Provider

As part of the certification inspection conducted by the Agency (TMMDA);
✅ all our business processes,
✅ Our PharmaBASE pharmacovigilance database,
✅ Our PharmaSEARCH literature review application
have been approved in terms of quality and effectiveness.
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RMP & ACO (AddCo)
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PharmaSoft manages the following processes for all reports prepared by its team of experts and delivers high-quality outputs resulting in administrative authority approval.
Comprehensive literature review and detailed research
Administrative authority standards (TMMDA & EMA)
Up-to-date templates in accordance with administrative authority (TMMDA & EMA) standards
Case analyses
Functional exposure calculation
Cumulative spreadsheets
Error proofing effective quality control system

Department Services

As a Contracted Pharmacovigilance Services Provider, we undertake all your pharmacovigilance responsibilities.
We manage your pharmacovigilance processes within the framework of up-to-date regulation and good pharmacovigilance practices.
We ensure business continuity with a quality and effective service and pursue your pharmacovigilance liabilities uninterruptedly on behalf of you.

Outsource Service

Employment of personnel with a profile in line with the client company’s expectations is made by using the competency-based interview techniques.

On-the-job orientation training program service is provided for the personnel to be employed by the experienced trainers within the scope of legislation and pursuant to the client’s procedures and requests.
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