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Welcome to PharmaSoft Atelier Blog!

Our blog posts where we give you news from the world of pharmacovigilance, regulatory affairs and sector-specific IT solutions, and ourselves, are starting!

We would like to briefly inform you about what our PharmaSoft Atelier blog page is, what content you can expect and how you can participate.
PharmaSoft Atelier will be an interactive page containing up-to-date news from the industry, where we will share the views of the industry veterans and the students who are our future.

In our first blog post, we would like to briefly introduce PharmaSoft to you. Who are we? What are we doing? In which areas might our paths cross? What issues can we help you with? It is a great pleasure for us to answer all these questions and to introduce ourselves to you with the video prepared by PharmaSoft Atelier.

We will be celebrating our 7th year very soon on this road that we set out in October 2015 to offer quality, economical and effective solutions. For seven years, it has been a great privilege for us to be your solution address and business partner in the fields of pharmacovigilance, regulatory affairs and sector-specific information technology.

As PharmaSoft, we offer you quality and economical services with our applications developed for regulatory affairs, pharmacovigilance and the pharmaceutical industry. The focus of our service approach is quality. Our clients’ satisfaction and positive feedback keep us agile as our source of motivation.

With our experience and expertise, we have developed two industry-specific applications:

  • Pharmacovigilance database PharmaBASE where pharmacovigilance obligations are fulfilled with zero error.
  • PharmaSEARCH, weekly medical literature review application

With our regulatory affairs and pharmacovigilance trainings, we are taking steps to close the shortage of trained personnel in the sector.

It is important for us to know that we are only a phone call or e-mail away for the issues you want to consult, we are here to help you and ease your workload, let us take care!

Before saying goodbye to meet in our next post, we would like to inform you about the following issues that we would like your kind attention to:

  • Provocative comments based on people’s race, physical and social status, religious belief, age, political view will be removed by our page admin.
  • Our blog posts belong to PharmaSoft Atelier. We would be pleased if you share our posts that you like by citing the source.

If you would like to share your industry experiences on our page, you can send your articles to our editor via

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See you again very soon, stay healthy,

PharmaSoft Atelier

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