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We were in Verona on September 20 for the registration. We met fellow colleagues, valuable academics, and valuable administrative authorities from all over the world, with whom we shared the excitement of the congress that will start the next day, at the reception dinner and had our first conversations.


Wednesday, September 21, the first session of the first day of the conference started with “Lessons learned from COVID-19 pandemic”. We listened to the details of the situation during the pandemic from the experts by Bernard Bégaud, chair of the EPIPHARE scientific committee from the University of Bordeaux with his “How post-marketing drug/vaccine surveillance has been dealt with in Europe? “Presentation and by Patrizia Popoli, President of Scientific Technical Committee of the Italian Drug Agency with her “COVID 19 pandemic: the Experience of the Italian Drug Agency “presentation. Presentation on “A large distributed European database network for rapid COVID-19 vaccine surveillance” by Miriam Sturkenboom from the University of Utrecht and “Advancing the Science of Vaccine Safety: Introducing the International Network” by Karina Top from Canadian Center for Vaccinology Dalhousie University of Special Immunization Services, we gained valuable information about the surveillance and safety of covid vaccines. In the afternoon sessions, we watched presentations from valuable experts on “Strategies to prevent Medication errors: new approaches”. First day sessions were concluded by presentations with “How to communicate risk in crisis?” subject.

On September 22 Thursday, the first session of the second day started with “Big Data for PV – are we delivering on the promises?”. The session was started by Gianluca Trifirò, from the University of Verona, with his presentation “Big data vs. smart data for post-marketing surveillance of drugs/vaccines”, continued by Darren Toh, from Harvard Medical School and Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute with his presentation “How big data support post-marketing surveillance in the USA: the Sentinel initiative” and ended by Andrej Segec, from European Medicines Agency, with his presentation “Data Analysis and Real World Interrogation Network (DARWIN EU®)”. The session was including quite informative and up-to-date information that inspired us to bring new software systems into PV and many other areas.

The second session was “AI/Machine learning for drug safety signal detection in PV: where do we stand?”. Andrew Bate from GSK, UK was the one who started the session with his presentation “Current status of machine learning across the pharmacovigilance lifecycle: A systematic review”, the second presentation belonged to Antoine Pariente from the University of Bordeaux with his presentation “AI/Machine learning for drug safety signal detection in PV: where do we stand? The perspective of a public pharmacovigilance center”, then the session has been continued by Guillaume Louis Martin from Synapse Medicine with his presentation “Performance of an Artificial Intelligence System Tool for the Detection of ADRs from Patients’ Reports During the Covid-19 Vaccination Campaign”, finally the session was ended by Michele Fusaroli from the University of Bologna with his presentation “Investigating Hidden Networks in Spontaneous Reporting Systems”. The session was enlightening, and as a company, since we have been continuing our software journey the most impressive part of the session was AI/Machine learning.

The third session of the day was ISoP General Assembly. Approval of the Agenda, membership report, financial report, Fellowship and Honorary Member Awards, and President’s overview of ISoP activities were the main topics of the assembly. As PharmaSoft we would like to thank the former president of ISoP Mira Harrison-Woolrych and congratulate Angela Caro-Rojas who is the next president for the 2022-2023 term.

The next session was about the hot topics of Global Pharmacovigilance. Precious instructors from universities around the world and PV specialists presented their topics which were related to current PV matters.

The breaks between sessions were efficient with the posters prepared by precious PV specialists. We would thank those who prepared the posters.

Finally, we ended the day with a magnificent dinner at Giardino e Palazzo dei Conti Giusti. We would like to thank our dear colleagues for their sincere conversations and special thanks to ISOP for organizing the event.





As we are to finish the blog post, we had an unforgettable moment when all audiences were commemorating the PV gurus who are no longer with us. Although we regret that they are not with us, contributing as much as we can to the ISoP, which is left to us by them, gives us a little relief.


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See you again very soon, stay healthy,

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