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Although pharmacovigilance activities have great importance in today’s world where drug use is constantly increasing, it is clearly observed that public awareness in this area is not fully provided, even in developed countries. The fact that adverse event reports are very low compared to the number of medicinal products sold is proof of this. In this direction, many studies are carried out to raise awareness in the field of pharmacovigilance both in our country and around the world. In today’s post, we will share with you useful content that we have carefully selected among these educational contents, suitable for all audiences, from children to healthcare professionals.

Uppsala Monitoring Center (UMC) have created educational contents in the field of pharmacovigilance. The cartoon book titled “Annie & Mac Adventures” prepared for children, it caricatures the world of medicine and pharmacovigilance to make easier to understand the PV processes. Therefore, “Drug Safety Matters” podcast series published on many digital platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcasts etc. in every month. Patient safety, latest developments in the industry, opportunities and challenges are discussed with scientists and healthcare professionals. At the same time, UMC provides paid online pharmacovigilance trainings in different languages and levels which specifically designed for industry professionals.


In Türkiye, the “Pharmacovigilance Responsible Person”, “Pharmacovigilance Contact Person” trainings and definitions appendix of İFU guide that are prepared by TİTCK and the information video published on the YouTube channel of the Turkish Pharmacists Association are among the useful resources for obtaining reliable information.

In addition, of course, you can follow our “Educational Videos about Pharmacovigilance” series on PharmaSoft Atelier TV channel on Youtube and blog posts on our website. It will be very pleased to hear your positive/negative feedback and recommendations.

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